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ole & steen / lagkagehuset

“ our baristas now have the skills to deliver the new standard in coffee ”

Over 50 hands have touched the coffee bean before the customer; the barista can make or break that effort.

We work with you on delivering a great tasting cup of coffee; we train you and your staff on all the knowledge and skills they require, from origin information, espresso extraction and milk steaming.

Raising the standard

Since March 2018, we have been the global coffee partner to Ole & Steen / Lagkagehuset, delivering speciality coffee to over global 100 stores.

the challenge

To implement speciality coffee to all stores, develop a passion for coffee and make Lagkagehuset the go to destination for speciality coffee.

our solution

Swapping the traditional coffee profile from the previous roaster, to a cleaner and sweeter coffee. The current blend is 70% Brazil, and 30% Colombia,

the result

12% year on year increase in coffee sales, and a team who are enthused about coffee as we are.

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