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This fully washed coffee was sourced from the growing region of Huila in Colombia and was produced by the Aromas del Sur at 1,400 – 1,900 meters. This coffee is a perfectly balanced offering with sweetness, spice and pleasant fruit notes in the acidity that breathe life into the cup.


We are working together with Aromas del Sur to bring to you the best coffees from Colombia’s Coffee Triangle! Aromas del Sur is a collective of coffee producing farms located in Palestina, Huila – that’s about 300 km west of Bogota.

The founding members created the group in 2013 to harness the full potential of Colombian speciality coffee growing in the region. Aromas del Sur now has 73 active members enrolled.

Farm sizes average around 6 hectares with altitudes starting at 1400 masl and going as high as 1970 masl. The varieties commonly found on the farms in this region are; Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tipica, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Tabi. Harvest starts in October and peak harvest takes place in November.

Producers harvest and mill their coffee according to strict quality standards. These involve selective hand picking of ripe cherries, fermenting the coffee and drying it to approximately 11% moisture content. Most producers mill and dry the coffee at their own farms before transferring it to the Aromas Del Sur warehouse.

The warehouse itself functions as a storage place for parchment coffee and also has a well-equipped cupping lab for quality control. Each lot is cupped when it arrives to guarantee consistent quality.

Aromas del Sur even has its own “Universidad del Café” (Coffee University) where knowledge is shared on agricultural practices, commercial strategy and of course, ensuring excellent quality.

Visit our blog to learn more about our coffee and its origins. Our coffee is packed and shipped to order. We use valved bags to allow the release of carbon dioxide, which is a natural by-product of roasting coffee. This also protects the integrity of the flavours.

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1400 – 1900 masl


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tipica, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Tabi

Process Method

Washed and sun-dried

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