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Dalla Corte Evo 2


The Dalla Corte Evolution 2 Group delivers consistent, great tasting beverages on demand. This unit is ideal for high-volume commercial use. The Evolution 2 Group delivers unparalleled thermal stability through its ground-breaking Direct Temperature Control System (DCTS). This Dalla Corte model also has discrete boiler system and brew heads. Its heating components operate physically and thermally separate of one another, which means that brew heads and the boiler system can be turned on and off, set, and regulated independently. Additionally, the Evolution 2 Group’s Grinder Control System (GCS) lets you determine grind fineness and amount with ease.

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  • Brew heads and boiler temperatures can be independently set and regulated
  • The Direct Temperature Control System (DCTS) provides the optimal environment for superior thermal stability
  • Digital, Online, Grinder, and Milk Control Systems available
  • Enhanced flow regulation & proprietary air gap pre-infusion process delivers great tasting brews
  • Independent and automated cleaning cycles available for every brew head and boiler
  • Integrates GSM modems to let you monitor usage, change parameters, and download pertinent data into an Excel spreadsheet with the optional Online Control System

What’s included

  • Dalla Corte single-shot commercial portafilter in 54mm
  • Dalla Corte double-spout commercial portafilter in 54mm
  • Dalla Corte bottomless portafilter in 54mm
  • Dalla Corte stainless steel tamper
  • Rubber tamping station
  • Complete set of flexible water connection hoses and plumbing connection
  • Two single-dose filters, 11-13 gram capacities
  • Two double-dose filters, 16-26 gram capacities
  • Two shower screens
  • Blind filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Box of cleaning tablets
  • Cloth for cleaning external parts


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