Ethiopia Guji - Natural

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This Guji is complex, beautifully fruity and aromatic, just like our fully washed Ethiopians, but with all those classic natural process qualities.

In the cup expect strawberries and cream.


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By dealing directly with the producer we can pay more of the premium to the people who do the most towards great tasting coffee.

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Ethiopia Guji – Natural

Ethiopian natural coffee are some of the most delicious out there. With unusual funky flavours, they can have notes of strawberry and blueberry, synonymous with African coffees.

Named after one of its local tribes, Guji is a small area in the Oromia region. When each of the small holders responsible for harvesting this coffee pick the coffee cherries. They often end up with an assortment of under, over and just ripe cherries. This results in a variation of quality when the coffee reaches the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) after processing. We’ve managed to get this particular Guji from a reputable farmer and producer who purchases the coffee from the ECX and then graded before exporting to fortunate roasters like us. This ensures a premium quality, not many roasters are able to pass on to their customers. It is this producer’s dedication to hand processing that makes this Guji stand out from other coffees of this area. Ethiopia Guji – Natural

This Ethiopian natural coffee has bags of flavour, and delivers season after season. 100% arabica coffee.

Guji culture

The Oromo people of Guji consider their region as the ancestral cradle of Oromo culture. The ceremonies, rituals, and lore that come forth of the Gada age-group system, are still subsequently and widely practiced among Guji’s inhabitants. Besides the system, coffee farming has ancient roots within the Guji culture – the two are inseparable.

Characteristics and use

Guji coffees offer a complex, yet balanced, cup profile that does well in both filter and espresso. Certification options are plentiful, as well as processing techniques. Historically, Guji has always offered washed and naturals exclusively, but recently, producers started to produce honey’s as well.

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  1. ohthreefive (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking modern standard coffees for a few years now after reading about them as good value beans you could get in a supermarket. I don’t even know why I looked for them online recently but I’m glad I did. For my first online purchase I went for this bean. The cheaper Ethiopian was my favourite of the supermarket available beans but this (the most expensive coffee i’ve ever bought) is another level. When I opened the bag the aroma was incredible and the coffee tastes just as good (I’m an aeropress guy.) What’s more, I ordered the beans on the Sunday and they arrived on the Tuesday having been roasted on the Monday, so they’re also the freshest beans I’ve ever drunk! Outstanding flavour and, frankly, outstanding company.

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