Ethiopia Nano Challa

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The name Nano Challa refers to a local mythic tale about a challenge to become King of Jimma, and the coop adopted it to signify their desire to be a strong cooperative. Indeed, many coops in the West of Ethiopia have struggled to find good buyers who will pay enough for the coffee, to manage their own debts, and from internal struggles and graft. Nano Challa was formed as part of a new initiative to aid farmers in a more comprehensive way.

The farms are at altitudes between 1850 to 2100 meters, planted in old regional varieties of coffee.

In the cup expect apricot, lime, jasmine and magnolia florals. Very complex, with honey sweetness.


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Ethiopia Nano Challa

The Nano Challa cooperative was established in 2004. We picked up notes of Jasmine, bergamot, orange marmalade and apricot in this fruity speciality coffee from Ethiopia. Very floral and complex.

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