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Kenya Kamwangi AA

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The Kamwangi Coffee Factory is one of three coffee factories, located in the Kirinyaga Country in central Kenya, operated by the New Ngariama Cooperative Society.

They are aiming to increase coffee production through education, and an unrivalled focus on quality, and this cooperative is consistently one of the highest quality producing wet mills in Kenya. This year’s harvest is no different.

Tasting notes of raspberry, apricot and brown sugar.

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Weight 0.3 kg
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Fully washed


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1 review for Kenya Kamwangi AA

  1. Gary Butcher (verified owner)

    I admit to a penchant for Kenyan coffee; in my case fresh ground from whole beans, espresso into a flat white. I have had 3 Kenyan coffees from MS, Karani AB, Roi AB and this Kamwangi AA. By my own arbitrary “out of 10” system they all rank 9.5, but at 3 weeks from roast this Kamwangi AA came perilously close to a perfect 10! Is it origin? Is it the care MS take with evenness of roast? I wish I knew, but what I do know is that, for me, this is one gorgeous, voluptuous coffee!
    Perfect mid caramel colour. Smooth, sweet coffee aroma. Rich/intense round coffee flavour. No smoke, slightly nutty. Some acidity for a long flavour. Sus prefers “darker” style. For GJB a 10?

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