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Who says decaf coffee has to be dull? Our Momentum Decaf Espresso coffee blend delivers flavour in abundance, with notes chocolate, citric acidity and sweet toffee.


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By dealing directly with the producer we can pay more of the premium to the people who do the most towards great tasting coffee.

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Who says decaf coffee has to be dull? Our Mellow Decaf coffee blend delivers flavour in abundance, with notes chocolate, citric acidity and sweet toffee

About our Mellow Decaf

We work with the world’s leading producers and importers to break the mould with our seasonal decaf coffee. We look for beans that match our high standards for a great decaf coffee. That means, full body, clean flavour and juicy acidity!

Right now, we’re serving up a delicious decaf from Colombia. Origin Select Decafs are sourced green micro lots, which have been carefully chosen by Cafe Imports to deliver consistently excellent quality and thorough traceability.

This particular Colombian coffee has been sourced from the Lopez family farms in Pijao, Quindio. This is a small growing region in the heart of western Colombia where most of the farms average around 20-30 hectares in size. They also lay between 1600-1800 metres above sea level.

Once the coffee is harvested it is fully washed and fermented. Then it’s decaffeinated using a special process using fermented sugar cane. This essentially sticks to the caffeine and strips the beans of its content. Once processed, the now decaffeinated beans are then dried to around 11% moisture.

The result is a delicious cup of decaf coffee that offers more than just an afterthought, it’s the real deal.

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2 reviews for Mellow Decaf

  1. dhoward_89 (verified owner)

    Love the Momentum Esspresso, and this was a really good alternative during pregnancy.

  2. alistair.millar (verified owner)

    Don’t be put off by Mellow Decaff being described on the website as an espresso blend. I make it with a filter paper and it’s excellent.

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