A gold level service package costs as little as 1p per cup over the year. Keep your customers happy by investing maximising your equipments life cycle with a market leading service provider.
With 20-25% of cafe revenue being generated from coffee, without considering linked sales, the espresso machine is a business critical asset.

A service package for everyone

No two customers are alike, and we have a package to fit everyone. From all inclusive pricing, to 4-hour SLA’s, we can find a service package to suit your needs and budget, allowing you maximum up time on your equipment, along with a longer equipment life. We’ve got you covered on everything from general repairs and safety checks to basic water filter changes, that could save you tremendous amount of stress and money.

All of our coffee machine engineers are fully-trained to tackle any issue, whether your espresso machine is out of action or just needs a service. Our ethos is heavily focused on preventative maintenance to help fix faults before they occur and to ensure that your coffee machine is working at full capacity for as long as possible.

Choose A Service plan to suit your business


The Bronze Level service package includes
one preventative maintenance visit per year,
with labour included on any work needed.

Callouts 48 hours SLA 5 days per week

Labour Included

Yearly Preventative Visit


Aimed at customers who want to ensure the best uptime possible. Enjoy peace of mind, cost certainty and a machine maintained to the highest standard.

Callouts 24 hours SLA 7 days per week

Labour Included

Parts Included

Yearly Preventative Visit

1 Water Filter Change Per Year

1 PVI Check Per Year (required by law)


Everything included with Bronze, plus extra features. Our engineers work on a rotation basis to cover the weekends.

Callouts 24 hours SLA 7 days per week

Labour Included

Yearly Preventative Visit 

1 Free Water Filter Change Per Year

Other service offers

PVI (Pressure Vessel Inspection)

Arranging an annual PVI is a legal requirement. We can take full ownership of scheduling, conducting and managing all PVIs for any number of espresso machines.

We can even remove the espresso machine, during a quarterly preventive maintenance visit, at a time when the PVI is due and swap it with a like-for-like machine.

That way your machine could come back to our workshop for a full inspection, service and descale (if required); this guarantees a pass for the PVI! This drives our preventive maintenance philosophy and strategy.

We’ll also create a workshop inspection report outlining the general condition, age and drink count to help inform any decisions relating to the lifespan of your machine.

Ad-hoc break down repairs

Of course, even with a really well put together preventive maintenance regime there is still the potential for a machine to breakdown, for this we are here to help.

We can offer breakdown cover for 7 days a week and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 24 calendar hours; typically we attend same day.

Additional – In the interests of the delivery of a full solution, call outs and labour for all grinders and hot water boilers can also be included.

Ricky Neal Modern Standard Coffee Head of Technical

We believe that prevention is better than repair. That's why we work hard to ensure that your coffeenmaking equipment stays running for as long as possible with minimal downtime. Our aim is to keepnyou serving delicious coffee!

Ricky Neal


Is it the end of the road for your machine?

It’s a sad fact but all espresso machines must eventually be replaced, no matter how hard we try to keep them running for longer.


If your machine has served its last coffee, we can help you replace it.


With over 20 years of industry knowledge, we can help you make the right choice with your budget in mind.