Great coffee for everyone.

From our award winning Momentum Espresso, to our mainstay Colombia Aromas del Sur, or our delicious Mellow decaf, we have coffee to meet everyone's tastes.

For those wanting all the flavour without the caffeine, try our Mellow decaf today!

Great for growers

From when we began, in 2015, we have worked to build long lasting relationships with our producers. Over the years, we have welcomed more into our sourcing programme, and are always looking for producers who are passionate about the environment and coffee.

By sourcing our coffee directly from the producers, paying a fair price for their efforts, we can ensure a sustainable financial future for the growers that will enable us to roast great coffee year after year.

  • Stronger partnerships
  • Greater coffee
  • Better sustainability
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A great place to work

Modern Standard Coffee is a family of driven coffee professionals that work together to produce great coffee, while always aiming to have the best impact we can on the industry, the environment and the communities it connects.

From roasters and baristas, to machine technicians and coffee trainers; great coffee wouldn’t be possible without them all.

We are a diverse and passionate group of individuals, who believe in looking after each other, as well as the environment, in the pursuit of great coffee.

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Single Origin Coffees

  • Konga Co-operative

    Konga Co-operative

    Tastes of Jasmine, grapefruit, dark cocoa.
    Regular price From $8.00
    Regular price Sale price From $8.00
    medium roast
  • Santa Lucia

    Santa Lucia

    Tastes of Milk chocolate, hazelnut, almond.
    Regular price From $8.00
    Regular price Sale price From $8.00
    medium roast
  • Finca San Antonio

    Finca San Antonio

    Tastes of Milk chocolate, toffee, citrus acidity.
    Regular price From $8.00
    Regular price Sale price From $8.00
    medium roast