Doing our bit for the enviroment

From tree planting, to beach cleans, and harvesting honey, we live and breath our enviromental beliefs.

Each year, we spend a few days planting trees with Trees for Cities and the John Muir Trust, we do beach cleans at our nearest bean for Marine Conservation Trust, and we keep our bees happy to live behind our roastery by caring for our bee meadow and making sure they have ample pollen to eat.

As part of our employee health and happiness programme, we encourage our team to grow vegetables in our raised beds. Last year, we grew beetroots, carrots, potatoes, leeks, and lots of delicious salad leafs.

  • Bumblebee Conservation

    Behind our roastery, we have 5 bee hives with 5,000 bees. To help the bees make the honey, we have a large bee meadow filled with wild colourful flowers.

  • Trees for Cities

    Each year we spend 2 days planting trees.

    We believe in green spaces and the replenishment of trees to create urban biodiversity & filter pollutants.

  • Marine Conservation

    Over the course of one week, different groups from the roastery will complete a beach clean along a 100m stretch of Elie beach in Fife. This year we've collected over 25kg of rubbish.