Our diverse workforce

At Modern Standard Coffee, we are proudly diverse and believe that diversity is an asset to any business.

Being a female founded LGBT+ owned business, being your true self is something that is key to our success, and we feel that to help level up, we must encourage and praise others to do so.

We've recently partner with Buy Women Built, to also highlight and support the lack of female founders and to actively encourage buying from a female founded business.

  • Switchboard

    Since 1974, Switchboard has provided support and information to millions of people in the LGBT+ community. Throughout their history, Switchboard have been at the forefront of supporting the LGBT+ communities in facing the issues of the day.

  • Pride

    As a LGBT+ owned business, we support Pride every year, with our Pride coffee and merchandise, £1 from every bag and all profits from merchandise, are donated to Switchboard.