about us


We are Modern Standard

Modern Standard is a speciality coffee roaster, aiming to work with all sectors of the industry to improve coffee quality and deliver a better tasting cup.

We care about great coffee and focus on serving the whole journey from the source to the cup. We blend our experience and detail-led knowledge of speciality roasting with efficient and innovative production.

Great coffee  for everyone – that’s the Modern Standard.

Meet the team

Lynsey Harley

Founder & CEO

Ricky Neal

Technical Director

Nat Cooper

Head of Sales

Liam Field

Coffee Development Manager

Alex Rogers

Business manager

Adrien Booth

Key Account Manager

Alex Sacco

Production leader

Zak Langley

head coffee roaster

Georgina Török-Páhi

Production Assistant

Sam Turner

Service engineer

Francis Olvez-Wilshaw

Barista Trainer

Princess Dana

Social Secretary


Want to join the team?

Our business success has come from the passionate coffee professionals who work within our business. If you want to join, and play a part in setting the standard in coffee, get in touch.

Modern Standard was born out of a desire to combine scaleable speciality coffee, market leading technical service and outstanding customer service. Our team of skilled and passionated coffee professionals, ensures that our customers set the standard in coffee.

Lynsey Harley