Aeropress brew guide

What you’ll need

Aeropress, filter papers and mug

Freshly boiled water


Bag of delicious coffee


You will need

For one cups of Aeropress filter coffee

Aeropress Coffee Brewer

Aeropress Filter

Digital Scales

Delicious coffee roasted for filter brewing. 15-18g (depending on how strong you like it)

300g of hot water (approx 93°C)

Coffee mug or jug

Step 1

Bring 200 g of water to a boil. Weigh out 15–18g of coffee (depending on your preferred strength). Grind to a texture slightly finer than sea salt.


Step 2

Assemble your AeroPress. Make sure the entire assembly is dry, since any residual moisture can compromise the device’s seal.


Step 3

Place it on your scale with the flared end up, then tare the weight. The numbers should appear upside-down. It’s possible to attach the black filter cap and place it right side-up, but this tends to cause leakage and make accurate brewing difficult.


Step 3

Add your ground coffee. Be careful not to spill any grounds into the ring-shaped gutter at the top of the AeroPress.


Step 4

Add twice the weight of water than you have grounds (eg, for 15g coffee, add 30g water).


Step 5

Make sure the coffee is saturated evenly, tamping slightly with the paddle or butter knife if necessary, and let it sit for 30 seconds.


Step 6

Use the remainder of the hot water to fill the chamber.


Step 7

After a minute has elapsed, stir grounds 10 times to agitate.


Step 8

Fasten the cap, ensuring it locks into the grooves tightly. Flip the whole assembly over with haste and control. Position it on top of your mug or jug and begin applying downward pressure. If the pushing feels too easy, your grind is likely too coarse; if it’s very hard to push, the grind is probably too fine. Your coffee is fully brewed once it begins to make a hissing sound. This means there is no more water to push through the device.


Step 9

Once you’ve unscrewed the cap, you can pop out the filter and the puck of condensed grounds by simply pushing AeroPress’s interior section a final inch.


Step 10




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