10 Epic health benefits of coffee - Part 2

10 Epic health benefits of coffee - Part 2

We recently began our journey exploring the epic health benefits that good coffee can provide our bodies. Now, we round up our list with another five reason to love a cup of java.

If you missed the first five reasons why your body loves coffee then you can check it out here. In it, we discovered that coffee can provide some amazing perks for our vital organs and help to boost any fitness regime.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t hard to find a myriad of other great uses. The hardest part was choosing our fab five to round up this article. With a little deliberation over a delicious brew, we’ve managed to agree, so let’s get stuck in. Be warned, this one’s a little more scientific than part one!

Perk 6: Smiles that shine like diamonds

It may sound strange, but coffee can actually help to keep your teeth your teeth looking great. Researchers in Brazil found that black coffee kills the bacteria on teeth that leads to tooth decay. There are a couple of provisos to consider before you switch the mouthwash for a macchiato.

Firstly, fresh coffee (whole beans or ground) is most probably more suitable than instant seen as a lot of the nutrients are either burned off or washed out in instant and super-dark coffee processing. Plus let’s face it, it’s just way nicer to drink better coffee! Secondly, lighter roasts will retain a lot more of the natural good stuff that coffee contains. Lastly, those same Brazilian researchers noted that adding milk or sugar to coffee negates this benefit completely.

Perk 7: Coffee is high in antioxidants

Traditionally when you think of antioxidants, you probably think of colourful fruits or green vegetables… or even expensive mineral waters filtered through moon rock… OK that one is a stretch of the imagination but you get the point.

According to Coffee Science, “research indicates that taking 3-5 cups of coffee on a daily basis can serve up to 60% of your daily antioxidant intake requirement.” That same article also suggests that roasted arabica coffee is the best source with the highest yields of antioxidants.

Coffee consists of a wide range of phenolic acids, in particular, hydroxycinnamic acids - stay with me. This is apparently a powerful component in neutralising harmful free-radicals and oxidative stress. It also contains trigonelline, which is the alkaloid that helps to fight dental cavities too. Phew!

Perk 8: Your liver loves coffee

Ever crave a coffee when you’re hungover? There may be more at play than meets the eye. Of course, there’s the obvious caffeine kick and comfort in clasping a life-giving brew when you’ve had a few. But your body could be crying out for more.

Scientists have found that coffee can help to counteract the negative effects of over-indulgence whether it’s eating or drinking too much. A study of over 430,000 participants showed that drinking two cups a day was linked with a 44% decrease in the risk of liver cirrhosis.

It’s important to note, that it can’t replace a healthy lifestyle but can certainly help as part of one.


Perk 9: Say goodbye to tired eyes

Coffee can obviously help to hide the signs when you are sleepy, but most beauty experts know that your skin and your eyes can tell no lies. For all the extra hours coffee keeps us up, dark rings and wrinkles are likely to grow.

The great news is that coffee can help that too. Just ask Beverly Hills MD, they suggest that it can “offer a host of potential skincare benefits when applied directly to the skin”. This includes reducing puffiness and the appearance of cellulite.

It’s all down to those wonderful antioxidants again, plus the added benefit of natural caffeine. The caffeine is said to improve blood circulation directly under the skin and remove toxins. You can even use your spent coffee grounds to make amazing face masks and exfoliating scrubs too.

With that in mind, coffee that’s great to drink can be a treat for skin as well as your tastebuds!

Perk 10: Maximise your brain power

We know that caffeine can offer a much needed pick-me-up or energy boost. Studies have also shown that it can provide short and long term mental benefits.

Researchers at a military research institute were looking for ways to overcome fatigue for soldiers when the optimum sleep periods simply weren’t available. They found that a daily dose over successive nights can be effective in maintaining cognitive function over long periods of time. That dose was eight cups per day and you should probably alter your allowance for everyday situations that are less demanding than actual war-zones.


That ends our list of epic health benefits that great coffee can provide. I think for coffee lovers like us, there is one essential perk missing from our top 10, it simply makes us happy!

As January nears its end, we hope we’ve sufficiently provided you with enough ammo to keep going with your health kick. if you're ever in doubt, have a coffee and carry on.

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