Coffee price increases

Coffee price increases

Since we began in 2015, we have always been conscious about our pricing, and making it fair and approachable. Our aim is to roast and serve great coffee for everyone, and we’ve always been inclusive and encouraging, and maintained a strong focus on making speciality coffee accessible and affordable.

In won’t come as a surprise that we, like many other businesses, are now facing steeper costs than every before. In the last 12 months, coffee has risen 100%, and we are all aware of the increase in energy bills. As a roaster, we use a lot of gas and electric to roast the coffee, we have to ship in our coffee and container costs have risen from around $800 dollars a container to nearly $4,000 for the same container doing the same route.

We hold several long standing direct trade relationships with our coffee producers, they have also faced steep increases to fertiliser, labour and shipping, we are seeing inflation rise at its fastest pace in our lifetimes, and every business must do whatever it can to protect what it does.

For our 250g bags, we have opted to reduce their size to 200g and maintain the same price point, and with our 1kg bags, we have increased the prices. This is our first price increase on retail since we began, and we’re doing this because of the steep price increases we are facing.

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