Improve your coffee (golf) handicap

Improve your coffee (golf) handicap

Fife has many golf courses, and our speciality coffee can help you to fuel your game. Read more to improve your golf (coffee) handicap!

Fife is known for many things, one of the most famous, is golf. The modern game of golf is generally considered to be a Scottish invention. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, one of the oldest Scottish golf organisations, only 15 miles away from our coffee roastery in Glenrothes. Many of our customers are golfers, and we thought we’d give you our top tips on brewing coffee before, during and after a round of golf.

Before a game

At home, there’s many ways to brew coffee, one of the most consistent is a cafetière. To learn more about brewing on a cafetière, read our cafetière brew guide.

During a game


During the summer, it's not ideal to be drinking a hot drink, so why not brew up some cold brew coffee which you can bring with you, so you can have a nice refreshing cold caffeinated drink. Learn how to brew cold brew with our Cold Brew Guide.


During the winter months, warm yourself up by bringing a pre-brewed flask of coffee on the course. Get yourself prepared by following our Pourover brew guide.

After a game

Once the game has been completed, replenish your caffeine levels by enjoying a nice warm coffee at home using a Chemex. Check out our Chemex Brew Guide for a step by step guide. 

But if you would prefer that your club serves you a great coffee, but you think they could do with some help, let us know, and we can work with your golf club to deliver great coffee!

Great places to eat near some iconic Fife golf courses

Great coffee needs great food. Here's our top tips for places to eat after your game.

Earlsferry Golf Club Place to eat  The Harbour Cafe

Charleton Golf Club Place to eat  The Kinneuchar Inn

St Andrews Links Place to eat  Tom Morris Bar & Grill

Anstruther Golf Club Place to eat Anstruther Fish Bar

Pitreavie Golf Club Place to eat The Bruce Arms, Limekilns

Lundin Ladies Golf Club  Place to eat The Railway Inn

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