New coffee / Peru Wilmer Martinez Terrones

New coffee / Peru Wilmer Martinez Terrones

Peru has been an under appreciated coffee producer for several years. They produce some of the most delicious coffees we've cupped in some time, and we're excited to have 2 Peruvian coffees available at the moment. Wilmer Martinez Terrones owns two hectares of coffee in the Shumbana village in Santa Rosa de la Yunga. The farm sits at 1,850m above sea level and is planted with caturra, typica and pache. Wilmer picks and processes his coffee himself and dries it on a lined patio for 10 days before delivering it to the exporters warehouse in Jaén.

Key facts

Varietal: Mixed varietals

Altitude: 1,850m

Process: Washed

Tasting notes: Blackcurrant & vanilla.

Information on the region

Santa Rosa de la Yunga Santa Rosa de la Yunga belongs to the Jaén province in the region of Cajamarca. Santa Rosa is fairly isolated since it is located quite far from the city of Jaén and has poor roads and infrastructure.

This isolation has meant that for many years the area has been dominated by local aggregators and the price for coffee has been consistently low, unlike some other areas of Jaen and San Ignacio which had at least seen a rise in the local market prices due to the huge FTO market.

In recent years, however, with the emergence of the specialty industry there has been a growing interest in high altitude areas, and Santa Rosa is blessed with high altitude and ideal growing conditions.

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