On Sale, Our Award-Winning Momentum Espresso Blend!

On Sale, Our Award-Winning Momentum Espresso Blend!

 Our 3-star award winning espresso blend is back on sale in Sainsbury’s nationwide in the UK. Learn more about it and discover makes our speciality espresso blend a real winner with coffee lovers.

We’re very proud of our Momentum Espresso Blend. These were the first beans we launched nationwide and they’ve been a hit with customers every since. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that they’re on sale in Sainsbury’s supermarkets now (as on date of publish). With that in mind, we want to help you learn more about the amazing beans that go into every bag of Momentum, from farm to cup.

The Blend

Our Momentum Espresso Blend is a combination of Brazilian and Colombian speciality coffees. We use 70% Brazilian to 30% Colombian to deliver a flavour that is brighter than normal blends but with the smooth chocolatey taste that everyone loves. What’s great about our blend is it’s more lightly roasted than normal espresso blends. This is to protect those sweet and more subtle flavours that you can only get with speciality coffee beans.

This not only delivers a delicious espresso, but also makes Momentum adaptable for other methods of home coffee brewing. If you’re a french press fan be sure to give it a go. In 2016, the blend was awarded the highest possible number of stars (3-stars) at the Great Taste Awards, at the first time of asking. Since then we have worked hard to uphold the quality and standards required to meet such great expectations with every cup.

The Beans

Fazenda Santa Lucia in Brazil has been growing great coffee for decades. Hélcio Carneiro Pinto has been working in coffee since he was 15 years old and the region in which the farm lies is highly esteemed in producing coffee of exceptional quality. They have, along with a group of coffee partners, have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of coffee using scientific research and better farming methods.

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer with some of the largest farms. Santa Lucia sits just in from the coast and few hours northwest of Sao Paulo. The farm is located 900-1200 metres above sea level, growing several varietals such as Yellow Bourbon, Catuai and Acaia. It covers around 740 hectares of lush land, with roughly 83 hectares of that being used for growing speciality coffee.

That’s pretty amazing when you consider the average size of Ethiopian coffee farms is 1 hectare. Santa Lucia’s beans are naturally processed which gives them a rich flavour and full mouthfeel. Like most Brazilian coffees (but with the flavours very much enhanced), you can expect nuttiness and chocolate notes that make them just perfect for making amazing espresso blends.

In Colombia, the Huila region is one of the most prolific for speciality coffee production. Guacacayo in the southern region of that area has farms ranging between 900 and 1300 metres above sea level. The ‘Coffee Triangle’ as it is known, lays in the mountainous in-land south of Cali. Its reputation and tradition of producing speciality coffees with star status comes down to the unique micro-climatic conditions in the area. These include fertile volcanic soils, hours of sunshine and plenty of showers - 1500mm of rainfall per year.

With this considered, it’s no surprise that the region consistently delivers coffees that score above 84 pts out of a possible 100. The most common varietals grown in the area are Caturra, Colombia and Castillo. The beans are fully-washed which gives a light and refreshing cup. Colombians by their nature bring bright citrus acidity that’s perfect for adding some much needed zing to espresso blends.

That’s exactly what we’ve done by adding 30% to our Momentum blend, to cut through and compliment the rich sweetness from the Brazilian beans. We source the best coffees from around the world and roast them in small batches. We work hard with our coffee partners at origin, and build up strong relationships that result in great tasting coffees season after season.

Head down to your nearest Sainsbury’s supermarket soon to grab a brilliant award-winning speciality espresso blend at a bargain price!

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