Say hello to our new bee-autiful bee hives 🐝

Say hello to our new bee-autiful bee hives 🐝

With nearly 6,000 bees at the back of our roastery, we produce around 50kg of honey each year which. We donate some to our local food bank, a few jars we keep at the roastery so we can enjoy it, and the rest we gift to our customers.

But we wanted to make our new bee hive feel at home, so we've tried to recreate our roastery in bee form. We’ve added a few extras, a 'Honey I'm home' door mat, and a few chimneys so if they want to roast some coffee they can.

In May, we support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust by donating £1 from every bag of coffee sold.

Bees are fascinating creatures, essential to our environment, here's 5 facts you should know about bees:

🐝 Bees actually have 4 wings. The two wings each side hook together to form one larger pair when flying and then unhook when they’re not flying.
🐝 £690 million is the amount that insect pollination is worth to UK crops each year.
🐝 76% of globally important commercial crops depend on insect pollination, which equates to 1/3 of the food we eat.
🐝 The average hive produces about 11 kg of honey during a season.
🐝 Not all bees produce honey: solitary bees - as their name suggests - like to live on their own, and don't have a queen, or live in hives.

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